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The Moratorium on Commercial Rents - March 2022!

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The UK government has announced an extension to the moratorium on commercial rents until 25 March 2022 and is set to introduce a mandatory arbitration process to tackle debts where landlords and tenants cannot agree. Treasury chief secretary Steve Barclay...

Advice for commercial landlords and tenants during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every industry in the UK, with many businesses experiencing a severe strain on their cashflow as a result. While commercial tenants may be struggling to pay rent in full and on a regular basis, their landlords could...

Business evictions ban extended until March 2021

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The 'quiet' announcement came from the government last week and is said to be the final extension which is intended to give landlords and tenants a further 3 months to come to agreement on unpaid rent. The government message is clear that if...

Moratorium on Commercial Lease Evictions Extended to the end of 2020

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The government has announced it has now extended the rules on preventing commercial evictions and the use of CRAR until the end of 2020. Currently, landlords are prohibited from seeking to recover possession or use the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery...

Commercial Landlord and Tenant Guidance in light of COVID-19

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The commercial landlord and tenant sector has been hit hard with the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. As a property litigator I have been inundated with questions from both landlord and tenant clients as to how to deal with the...

Breaking up is (sometimes) hard to do!

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Breaking up is (sometimes) hard to do! Failing to serve a valid break notice and correctly complying with the terms of a break provision can have drastic consequences. Breaks are often not rolling, so there is usually only one chance to get it...