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'Pay as you go' family legal advice - 'unbundled or limited retainers'

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‘Pay as you go’ family legal advice - ‘unbundled or limited retainers’

Here at Chattertons we appreciate that not all of our clients have funds readily available to instruct us to go on record as acting for them in connection with family proceedings and may seek our advice on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. 

An unbundled or limited retainer could involve you instructing us to write letters on your behalf, draft documents, negotiate, research and represent you at Court hearings. 

If we agree to provide you with an unbundled or limited retainer, we are not agreeing to provide any further services than those clearly stipulated under the retainer. 

If you require any further advice from us on the same matter, a related matter or any other matter, you should make another appointment to see us and any further advice will be provided on the basis of a separate agreement. 

When we provide advice on an unbundled or limited retainer, this is based on our understanding of the law as it applies at the time it is given to the facts you have told us and any documentation you have shown us.  We cannot be liable for any incorrect advice provided upon inadequate information that you have provided to us. 

You will appreciate that there are therefore many pitfalls to seeking our advice on a ‘pay as you go’ basis and it is always in your best interests to instruct us to act for you throughout the proceedings and here at Chattertons, we strive to make your legal costs as cost effective and as manageable for you as we can. 

If you would like any advice on any family law issues, please contact Claire Smith via or telephone 01205 314125.