Sponsor Licence Compliance

All sponsors must ensure that they comply fully with the duties and rules imposed on them by the Home Office. Non-compliance with any rules could result in a sponsor licence being downgraded or revoked which could have catastrophic consequences for your business and current international workers. 

Sponsors must ensure that they comply with a wide range of duties, obligations and processes, including some of the following:

  • Recruitment procedures
  • Record keeping
  • Employee monitoring
  • Reporting absences or non-attendances
  • Ensuring only authorised personnel are involved in the management of the sponsor licence
  • Providing information on request by the Home Office
  • Cooperating with inspections.

The full document setting out these duties is very comprehensive but many employers will look at these as being examples of best practice in their HR systems so it does not have to be seen as a burden to the business.

Home Office Inspection

Our team can advise you on what procedures you need to have in place to ensure you are compliant with your obligations. We can do this on an ongoing retainer basis or we can carry out a ‘stress test’ of your systems by simulating a Home Office inspection. 

In the event that you do not keep your systems in check, an unannounced Home Office inspection could cause you to lose the right to hire international workers altogether. This would not only put a potential dent in your workforce, but could also result in your international employees having their visas cut short.