Appeals and Reviews

If your visa application has been unsuccessful and you believe that the decision needs to be challenged, we can review your refusal notice and discuss your original application with you to advise on your possible options.

In many cases, a visa refusal will be met with a notice advising the applicant of their right to appeal or apply for administrative review. Quite often we find that an appeal or a review is not suitable because the original application does not have any realistic grounds for appeal. In such circumstances it may be more appropriate to submit a new application and ensure that all relevant information is included.

We aim to prepare applications that are ‘appeal ready’ in the event of a refusal. In other words, we include as much detail as possible to give the application the best chance of success whilst also giving us the ammunition we need to prepare grounds of appeal if that is required.

Rights of Appeal

The rights of appeal have quite recently been decimated by reforms to the Immigration system. This means that the right of appeal does not automatically trigger in most cases. In those cases where appeal rights have been removed there is now a paper-based exercise known as administrative review. Additionally, there is the overarching right to apply for judicial review if there has truly been a fault in the Home Office’s decision making processes.

It is important to understand which avenue of appeal or review may be open to you and whether pursuing such procedures will be beneficial to you. We can assist you with carrying out that analysis and preparing appeals and reviews on your behalf.