British Nationality Services

Nationality law is extremely complex. The law on British nationality has been reformed time and time again to the extent that there are now a multitude of rules that apply depending on when you were born. Some people have British nationality and do not even realise. We can advise on any claim that you may have to British nationality.

British Citizenship

People can become British Citizens in a number of ways. Some people are British Citizens at birth, others acquire it at an early age via registration and others apply to become British on the basis via naturalisation whereby nationality is generally obtained on the basis of residence and integration into UK life.

We assist many people with their immigration journeys in the UK and quite often those individuals who have made the UK their home want to take the next steps by becoming a British Citizen.

We can advise throughout the process of naturalisation or registration and we also offer nationality checking services whereby we assess your background to see whether you may already have a claim to British nationality.

We advise all clients who wish to become British Citizens to first make enquiries with their home country as to the legal position of dual citizenship, as becoming British may require you to renounce your original citizenship if dual citizenship is not accepted.

British Passport Applications

For many people, the ultimate goal of becoming a British Citizen is making that inevitable application for a British passport. We can assist you with making application for yourselves or your children, whether in the UK or abroad. We can also advise you on joint Citizenship and passport applications if you want the whole process to be dealt with in one go.