Regulatory Offences

With an increasing amount of legislation regulating business activities, both companies and individuals may find themselves being investigated or prosecuted for a variety of regulatory offences.

Taking advice from our specialist Business Defence Team at the earliest opportunity could make all the difference between whether or not you are prosecuted. If offences have been committed, we can advise you on remedial measures and mitigating factors which might help us to persuade the investigating authority that a warning will suffice.

There are countless regulatory offences but our work includes:

  • Health and Safety investigations including representation at Inquests
  • Town and Country Planning enforcement
  • Environment Agency investigations (e.g.  pollution, waste management)
  • Director's duties and disqualification
  • Financial and tax investigations
  • Animal welfare and animal boarding establishments
  • Road traffic offences (e.g. road haulage operator’s licences, overloading, speeding)
  • Alcohol and entertainments licensing
  • Gambling
  • Consumer protection, consumer credit, trading standards
  • Immigration (employing illegal workers)
  • Gangmasters licensing

The penalties can be severe, ranging from substantial fines to lengthy periods of imprisonment.