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Employment Tribunal Pricing For Employers

Thank you for looking at our services for Employment Law. We regularly advise employers of all sizes across a wide range of industries on dealing with employment tribunal claims, early conciliation and other options for resolving employment disputes.

As an employer, you have a legal duty to provide a fair working environment that complies with all relevant legislation, while still needing to be able to manage your workforce effectively. If an employee has raised an issue or made a claim to an employment tribunal, it is essential to have the right expert advice to protect your business and reputation.

Our expert employment lawyers can guide you through each step of the process of dealing with an employment dispute, removing as much stress and uncertainty from the situation as possible. We can help you secure the best available outcome for your business as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible while minimising any negative impact on your commercial interests.

It can be difficult to provide an ‘average’ example of the total cost of defending a claim in an Employment Tribunal, because every claim is so different and so the potential costs can vary significantly. Our time is charged on an hourly rate basis (exclusive of VAT), in accordance with seniority and/or post-qualification experience. In our experience, defending a claim for unfair dismissal encompassing all necessary preparations and resulting in a one day appearance in an Employment Tribunal claim might cost in the region of £10,000 to £12,000 (which at 20% would be £12,000 to £14,400) from outset to conclusion.  These fees are likely to accrue over a period of a number of months, in line with the Employment Tribunal timetable.

More complex claims (for example, discrimination or whistleblowing) are likely to incur higher fees because of the amount of time and legal complexities involved.   In addition, claims which result in appearances in the Employment Tribunal over multiple days, will naturally result in higher costs. 

We will always advise you of the anticipated total costs at the outset of a matter, based on the particular circumstances of the claim against the business.

What our fee includes

A meeting with an adviser to discuss your case in full. Depending on your circumstances and needs, we can then advise you on your options and give you an overview of the processes and procedures to be followed. Written advice can be provided as an alternative upon request.


  • Disbursements
  • Court Fees
  • Medical Records

Why Us?

Our expert team have years of experience handling both straightforward and highly complex employment disputes at every level, from negotiation and early conciliation through to Employment Tribunal hearings and Employment Appeal Tribunals proceedings.

We appreciate that getting the right result is only one of the concerns when dealing with an employment dispute – protecting your reputation and making sure the matter is dealt with efficiently are often just as important. We therefore tailor our approach to your priorities, making sure we resolve your matter in way that works for you and your business.

Value for money and overall costs are important factors for any business, so we will provide you with a range of estimates and keep you updated on costs at all times. That way you can budget appropriately and be confident that we are handling your case cost-effectively.

Whether you wish to settle a claim or fight it at tribunal, we will provide an honest assessment of the situation and commercially-focused advice to make sure you are pursuing the best strategy for your business.