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A trust corporation undertakes the administration of trusts and estates as well as acting as a court of protection deputy and attorney.

Executors named in a will apply for probate, administer the estate and, where appropriate, become trustees of any trust arising in the testator's will.

The advantages of appointing Chattertons Trustee Corporation are:

  • The administration will be handled by an appropriately qualified professional body.
  • The provision of a seamless and continuous service. Chattertons Trustee Corporation is always available to sign documents and so there are no delays which may otherwise arise if an individual is unavailable, on holiday, ill etc.
  • A Trust Corporation owes a higher duty of care than a lay person.
  • Chattertons Trustee Corporation can assist with any difficult decisions.

When Chattertons Trustee Corporation is appointed to act, a fee will be charged for dealing with the administration. Further information about fees is available on request. You are under no obligation to appoint Chattertons Trustee Corporation and are free to appoint a friend, family member or other professional of your choice.