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At Chattertons Solicitors, our law firm is dedicated to delivering excellent legal advice in all types of personal and business legal matters. Our team assist clients with matters related to commercial property, Wills, probate and estate planning, as well as all aspects of wealth management.

We also offer a range of other legal services in Boston, Wide Bargate including residential conveyancing, no fault divorce, personal and business dispute resolution, employment law and credit control/debt recovery.

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Our personal legal and wealth management services in Boston, Wide Bargate include:


Purchasing property, selling or remortgaging are often time-consuming tasks with many legalities to consider and potential complications. Instructing a solicitor can allow for a streamlined process, keeping delays to a minimum and reducing stress levels.

Our conveyancing team at Chattertons are one of the largest teams within the Boston area and beyond. We provide a bespoke service and always work proactively to avoid unnecessary delays.

Our residential conveyancing solicitors in Boston, Wide Bargate can help you with:

Family law

Family law is often one of the most challenging areas to navigate, particularly where the circumstances involve children or separation. A solicitor can help reduce the stress that often accompanies such cases, providing proficient advice and close personal support.

Our solicitors recognise how emotive family law matters can be and strive to help clients maintain relationships where possible through out-of-court resolution methods, including negotiations and family mediation.

Our family law solicitors in Boston, Wide Bargate can help you with:

Wills, probate & estate administration

Many people avoid estate planning processes during their lifetime, but this has the potential to have many implications for those left behind. A solicitor can guide you through writing a Will, handling probate and administrating an estate.

Our solicitors have worked with all types of clients over the years, from clients with small estates to those with larger estates that are more challenging to arrange. We have the expertise needed for a smooth sailing Wills, probate and estate administration service.

Our Wills, estates and lifetime planning solicitors in Boston, Wide Bargate can help with:

Court of protection advice

At Chattertons we approach all court of protection matters with the utmost sensitivity, ensuring you have the advice and personal support you need to take care of your loved one. The team can provide advice and guidance on the process of becoming an attorney and how to correctly carry out the role.

Our Court of Protection solicitors in Boston, Wide Bargate can help with:

Employment advice for individuals

Should you face an employment issue, seeking guidance from a lawyer is highly encouraged, helping to reduce stress and further complications where possible.

Our solicitors strive to keep conflict to a minimum, ensuring your wellbeing and livelihood are not impacted during the process. We encourage clients to seek alternative dispute resolution methods but should an employment tribunal be necessary, we have a strong track record of success.

Our employment law solicitors in Boston, Wide Bargate can help you with:

Road traffic law and motoring offences defence

If you have been accused of a motoring offence, acquiring sound legal advice at the earliest opportunity is essential to ensure you have the best defence and possibility of lessening a sentence.

Our solicitors have guided many clients through daunting police interviews, trials and appeals. We carefully assess your case and ensure our advice and actions are carefully tailored.

Our motoring offences solicitors in Boston, Wide Bargate can help you with:

Personal injury claims

Being involved in an accident has the potential to be life changing. In cases where you suffered injuries through no fault of your own, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your suffering.

Our team at Chattertons have a wealth of combined expertise handling personal injury claims and is on hand to help you navigate the legal process and acquire the compensation you deserve.

Our personal injury lawyers in Boston, Wide Bargate can help you with:

  • Accidents at work claims
  • Accidents in public places claims
  • Asbestos claims
  • Back injury claims
  • Brain injury claims
  • Car accident claims
  • Cosmetic surgery claims
  • Criminal injury compensation claims
  • Defective product claims
  • Fatal accident claims
  • Holiday injury claims
  • Manual handling claims
  • Medical negligence claims
  • Slip, trip and fall claims
  • Spinal injury claims
  • Sports injury claims
  • Vibration white finger claims
  • Whiplash claims

Medical negligence claims

Medical professionals have a responsibility to provide you with a duty of care, if they fail to do this you could be eligible to make a compensation claim.

Our solicitors will take the time to understand your circumstances and the impact it has imposed on you and your family, allowing us to advise on the best court of action.

Our medical negligence claims solicitors in Boston, Wide Bargate can help you with:

  • Mistakes during surgery or aftercare (both private and NHS treatment)
  • GP and Community Health (including misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis)
  • Birth and pregnancy-related claims, including fatalities
  • Avoidable fatalities (including representation at Inquests)
  • Accident and emergency treatment
  • Cancer misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis or treatment
  • Cauda equina spinal injuries
  • Dental claims
  • Eye injuries (including laser surgery)
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Hospital infections
  • Product liability claims, including the side-effects of medicines

Personal dispute resolution

Personal disputes are often time-consuming and expensive and can significantly impact your mental well-being. A solicitor can provide the support you need to quickly and efficiently resolve matters.

At Chattertons we recognise the sheer disruption a personal dispute can impose on your everyday life, from causing financial difficulty to mental distress. We have guided many clients through personal disputes of all kinds, from those more simple to resolve to matters more complex and requiring court litigation.

Our personal dispute resolution solicitors in Boston, Wide Bargate can help you with:

  • Employee rights
  • Data protection and GDPR
  • Wills, probate and inheritance disputes
  • Debt problems and bankruptcy
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Property and neighbour disputes
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Educational disputes
  • Town and country planning issues

Notary services

Our notary public solicitors are appointed by the Court of Faculties, having received outstanding training, background checks and behaviour assessment. At Chattertons, we can handle all aspects of validating personal documents.

Our notary publics in Boston, Wide Bargate can help you with validating personal documents, including:

  • Powers of attorney for use overseas
  • Sale and purchase agreements relating to overseas assets
  • Affidavits and similar documents for use in foreign court proceedings
  • Copies of passports and other documents of identification
  • Certifying degree and educational certificates for use abroad
  • Verification of documents relating to births, deaths and marriages
  • Verification of adoption papers
  • Statutory declarations and supporting documents for marrying abroad
  • Certified translations
  • Certificates of residency
  • Administration of oaths and declarations

Chattertons lawyers for forces

Our Chattertons solicitors have a wealth of experience guiding current and former Armed Forces Personnel through legal and wealth management services.

Personal wealth management

Understanding your finances can help contribute towards successfully growing your wealth, and ensuring your money works better for you.

Our solicitors have a vast history working with clients in Boston, Wide Bargate and throughout the UK.

Our personal wealth management experts in Boston, Wide Bargate can help you with:

Our business legal and wealth management services in Boston, Wide Bargate include:

Agricultural law advice

Agriculture can be considered one of the most high risk occupations to be involved with, acquiring advice and support from a solicitor can reduce the risk, allow for a clear understanding of the surrounding law and help ensure the best chance of successful operation.  

With over 200 years of expertise assisting agricultural business owners, our solicitors at Chattertons provide a complement of agricultural law services to streamline the process of handling your business.

Our agricultural law solicitors in Boston, Wide Bargate can help you with:

Find out more about our agricultural law services.

Corporate law advice

Operating a business is a challenging process without effective advice and guidance. A solicitor’s assistance can prove invaluable, helping to simplify matters and allow for the best chance of success.

Having assisted clients nationally and worldwide, our team has high levels of corporate law experience. We carefully implement our knowledge of markets, trends and pitfalls into our advice and guidance, providing a completely bespoke corporate law service that reflects your business requirements.

Our corporate lawyers in Boston, Wide Bargate can help you with:

  • Buyouts
  • Company takeovers
  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate insolvency
  • International Investment Agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • Mergers, acquisitions and disposals
  • Private equity and management
  • Restructuring

Find out more about our corporate law services.

Banking and finance law advice

Our solicitor’s expertise and knowledge cover a variety of practice areas, with years of collective experience working in the industry, learning and building a clear understanding. We can assist banks, their clients and international financial organisations with regard to UK transactions.  

Our banking and finances solicitors in Boston, Wide Bargate can help you with:

  • Acquisition finance
  • Asset finance and leasing
  • Banking dispute resolution
  • Banking regulation and supervision
  • Banking investment
  • Capital markets
  • Corporate lending
  • Corporate restructuring and recovery
  • Directors’ disqualification defence
  • Derivatives
  • Insolvency (business and personal)
  • Project finance
  • Property finance
  • Structured finance and securitisation

Find out more about our banking and finance services.

Charity law advice

Legislation and regulation in the charity and non profit sector is often amended and updated, and so, having the support of a knowledgeable solicitor is essential.

Our solicitors have much experience in the charity sector, with frequent training and proactively keeping up with the law and regulation changes to ensure the best possible service is delivered to our clients.

Our charity law solicitors in Boston, Wide Bargate can help you with:

  • Charity formations
  • Charity governance
  • Commercial law advice
  • Working with other charities and organisations
  • Employment law
  • Property law
  • Charity mergers
  • Closing a charity
  • Dispute resolution

Find out more about our charity law services.

Public law advice

Public organisations have a responsibility to legally, rationally and fairly carry out their role. Appointing a lawyer can prove constructive and help assist with effective navigation, reducing the likelihood of mistakes and legal issues.

Our solicitors have guided all types of public law clients, from local governments, district councils, parish councils and other third sectors organisations.

Our public law solicitors in Boston, Wide Bargate can help you with:

  • Landlord and tenant matters
  • Employment law
  • Dispute resolution
  • Service contracts
  • Planning matters
  • Representing local authorities in connection with emergency injunctions to remove trespassers from local government owned/controlled property

Find out more about our public law services.

Employment law advice for employers

Employers have considerable responsibilities where employment law is concerned. Seeking employment law advice from experienced lawyers can sidestep potential implications and help deliver excellent results. With the right support, employers can ensure that employment legislation is correctly followed, whilst ensuring the successful operation of their business.

Our solicitors can manage all aspects of employment, from the essential employment laws and policies to any disputes you may face. We have the experience to help ensure you get the desired outcome while avoiding conflict.

Our employment law solicitors in Boston, Wide Bargate can help employers with:

Find out more about our employment law services for employers.

Family business legal advice  

Running a family business can sometimes be emotionally testing, with the potential for disputes to arise between family members.

Our lawyers in Boston, Wide Bargate have assisted many clients with their family business needs, sidestepping unnecessary conflict and maintaining both personal and professional relationships.

Our family business solicitors in Boston, Wide Bargate can help with:

Find out more about our family business services.

Intellectual property law advice

Intellectual property is a valuable business asset and protecting it is absolutely essential. Our solicitors are highly skilled and knowledgeable on the importance of safeguarding your IP, having a detailed understanding of IP rights and the options available.

Our intellectual property solicitors in Boston, Wide Bargate can help with:

  • Trademarks
  • Copyright
  • Design rights
  • Registered designs
  • Patents
  • Licence agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Intellectual property dispute resolution

Find out more about our intellectual property services.

Licencing, regulatory and compliance advice

Many businesses are unable to operate without the appropriate licensing in place. Without these, there is the potential for fines, reputation damage and business closure.

Our solicitors have an in-depth knowledge of the law and can advise you of the necessary licenses, ensuring you are in full compliance with the law.

Our licensing, regulatory and compliance solicitors in Boston, Wide Bargate can help you with:

Commercial property law

When investing in commercial property, whether as a landlord, tenant, developer or in any other capacity, getting the legal details right is essential to protect your investment.

Our commercial property solicitors in Boston have the expertise and experience to make sure your property transactions run smoothly and provide fast effective solutions that protect your commercial interests if problems arise.

Our commercial property solicitors in Boston, Wide Bargate have expertise in:

Find out more about our commercial property services.

Commercial dispute resolution

Commercial disputes can impose all types of negative upon a business, from financial difficulty to reputation and obstructing daily operations. A specialist solicitor can reduce the potential impact and the possibility of matters escalating to court.

At Chattertons, our team recognise the sheer disruption commercial disputes can bring to a business and strive to provide a quick and effective solution that suits all involved. We believe in approaching matters in a constructive, non-contentious manner, helping to maintain professional relationships where possible.

Our commercial dispute resolution solicitors in Boston, Wide Bargate can help you with:

Find out more about our commercial dispute resolution services.

Business wealth management 

Wealth management can be a complicated area, and so is best approached with bespoke legal advice.

Our specialist business wealth management solicitors provide a proficient service delivering practical advice and guidance, as well as close personal support. We will take into account your business goals and financial needs to support these as well as identifying any pitfalls that could prohibit this.

Our business wealth management experts in Boston, Wide Bargate can help you with:

Find out more about our business wealth management services.

Local legal resources in Boston, Wide Bargate

Citizens Advice Mid Lincolnshire services in Boston

Citizens Advice Mid Lincolnshire provides advice services for local people in Boston.

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Boston County Court and Family Court

This local county and family court is 0.2 miles from our Boston office and hears cases related to bankruptcy, employment claims, serious criminal and civil law cases, housing and money claims.

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Boston Magistrates’ Court

This local magistrates’ court is 0.2 miles from our Boston office and hears cases related to crime, housing and the single justice procedure for minor criminal offences.

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Directions to our Boston, Wide Bargate office

Our solicitors in Boston, Wide Bargate are located in the town centre a short walk from Central Park.

Arriving by car 

Wide Bargate Car Park is located immediately behind our offices. All you need to do is head out of the car park, turn right into Tawney Street, right again into Wide Bargate and our offices will be on your right hand side.

Arriving by train

From Boston train station, simply head east along Station Road then turn right into Tower Street. Follow Tower Street around to the right, then turn right again and follow the footpath along the river until you see a footbridge across the river on your left.

Cross the river here and carry straight on into Church Lane. Cross the pedestrianised area and follow the path between H. Samuel and Marks & Spencer. This will bring you to Wide Bargate where a short walk will bring you to our offices, which are clearly marked on your left.

Plan your journey

If you are planning your visit to our Boston, Wide Bargate solicitors, you can plan your journey here.


It is important to us that everyone is able to access our legal services in Boston, Wide Bargate, so we are committed to accommodating the accessibility requirements of our clients wherever possible.

If you have specific needs that we can assist with to help you access our services, please contact us, and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Consult our solicitors in Boston, Wide Bargate

To discuss your legal needs in relation to any of the above services, please get in touch with our Boston solicitors, using the contact details below.