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Commercial Contract Solicitors

We know that in the real world, businesses don’t have the time or the inclination to run every deal past their lawyers.

But ask our dispute resolution solicitors whether they would rather litigate a case based on your contract terms, the other party’s terms or where there is no written agreement at all. And then ask them which is likely to be the most expensive.

Getting key documents in place can save a lot of time and money.

Supply Agreements

When a business enters into an arrangement with a customer or supplier for the sale, distribution or supply of goods or services, it is essential that the right terms are negotiated and that the contract records those terms clearly and accurately.

We have recently negotiated supply agreements between:

  • a herb grower and a UK supermarket
  • an internet services provider and developer

Terms and Conditions of Business

Trading with poorly drafted terms and conditions or without any standard terms at all is risky and will almost inevitably cause problems at some point. Well-drafted terms and conditions can protect your business against claims, limit your liability if things go wrong, aid debt recovery and protect your intellectual property rights.

Agency Agreements

If a company employs an agent, it may well be taking on substantial liability for the agent under EU law. If you enter into this kind of arrangement or intend to do so, you should take legal advice straight away.

Franchise Agreements

We advise both franchisors and franchisees. Recently, we have advised on franchise agreements for an alternative health company, a shoe store chain and a carpet business.

Subcontracting Agreements

We advise on subcontractor and outsourcing agreements. Recent examples include:

  • a UK company outsourcing business to a Philippine company
  • a subcontractor agreement concerning energy-efficient boilers

Employment Contracts and Policies

Our specialist Employment Team can assist you with contracts of employment and a range of policies including disciplinary and grievance procedures, sickness and absence, retirement, redundancies and the use of IT by employees.


If you would like to talk to one of our specialist employment law solicitors, please contact your local office or complete our online enquiry form.