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Commercial Lease Solicitors

A properly drawn lease can go a long way to avoiding disputes, however if things do go wrong, this is a technical area of the law where you will need specialist legal advice.

Whether you are a landlord/lessor, or a tenant/lessee, it is vital that a comprehensive lease is in place. If you are thinking about renting commercial premises, please contact a specialist in our Commercial Property team first.

Key terms are often negotiable and should include:

  • The amount of rent and any service charges and whether there are rent review clauses
  • The length of the term and whether there are break clauses
  • Security of tenure and whether the tenant has the right to renew
  • •Responsibility for maintenance and repairs

All of these issues can lead to costly disputes particularly if the terms of the lease are poorly drafted.

Our main areas of work

  • Rent arrears and rent reviews
  • Security of tenure, notices and break clauses
  • Forfeiture and eviction
  • Dilapidations and repairing obligations

Flexible funding options

Throughout your case, we will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your position and keep an eye on the likely costs and benefits of litigation.

There is no point running up a bill of £1,000 when only £500 is at stake. On the other hand, £100,000 of legal costs to recover £5m is value for money especially if you also recover the bulk of your legal costs from the other side.

As well as traditional hourly rates, we offer a range of alternative charging structures in appropriate cases, including:-

  • Fixed fees for specific tasks or stages of work
  • Conditional Fee Agreements (‘No Win, No Fee’ or discounted fee arrangements)
  • Contingency fees where our fee is a percentage of any amounts we recover for you
  • We can arrange insurance to protect you against the other side’s legal costs
  • We are willing to discuss preferential terms for repeat business

But above all, we prefer to charge for results.

If you are thinking about renting commercial premises, contact our Commercial Property specialists for advice. Getting it wrong can be a costly mistake and could spell disaster for your business. If you are worried about a potential problem or you are in dispute already, please contact one of our Dispute Resolution specialists.


If you would like to talk to one of our specialist Dispute Resolution solicitors, please contact your local office or complete our online enquiry form.