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Defamation & Libel Solicitors

The reputation of a business and individuals within the organisation is of paramount importance to the long-term stability and growth aspirations of the organisation. When negative comments are made without any justification it can have a devastating affect on a company's credibility leading to loss of income.

Social media has made it easy for false information to damage the reputation of a business very quickly and so it is important that you consult with a solicitor at an early stage to oversee the reputation management of your business.

Defamation is the general overarching term covering written defamation (known also as libel) and oral defamation (commonly known as slander).

The Chattertons dispute resolution team advises clients in respect of their entitlement to compensation where a company (or individual) name has been tarnished through the actions of a person or business.

Our team will also advise on the best course of action in respect of all aspects concerning libel, slander, malicious falsehood and reputation management.


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