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Residential Sale Pricing

No residential property is exactly the same as another, so our fees will reflect the particular requirements of your sale.  For example, dealing with a listed building will, because of the added complexity, usually cost more than dealing with a house that was built, say, 15 years ago.  Because of this, we can't give you a precise estimate of the cost of us helping you with your sale until we have details of your intended transaction and your property. 

We charge fees in bands based on the value of the property being sold and our fees for a residential freehold conveyancing sale start from £500 plus VAT (at 20% this is £100) making a total of £600. 

Our average charge for a freehold house sale that does not have unexpected complications is just over £700 plus VAT (at 20% this is £140) making a total of £840.  Of course if your transaction does have unexpected complications we will always inform you of that as soon as we become aware of the situation and would fully discuss the potential consequences of that with you before incurring any extra charges.

This is an example of a quote for a Sale at £100,000.00

Legal Fee:


VAT on Legal Fee:


Telegraphic Transfer Fee:


Office copy expenses:






What our fee includes

  • Appropriate legal advice
  • Taking full instructions
  • Straightforward Money Laundering ID checking
  • Receiving your title deeds
  • Seeking confirmation of title from the Land Registry
  • Preparing the contract for sale
  • Procuring completion of appropriate protocol documentation namely the Property Information Form, Supplemental Enquiry forms and Fixtures, Fittings and Contents Form
  • Forwarding the contract to your buyer's conveyancer
  • Dealing with reasonable enquiries from your buyer's conveyancer
  • Agreeing the transfer documentation
  • Applying for one redemption figure from a mortgage lender
  • One attendance on you, or appropriate letter depending on geographic distance, to have documentation signed
  • Dealing with exchange of contracts and setting a completion date
  • Dealing with completion formalities and repaying one mortgage
  • Keeping you and your estate agent reasonably informed of progress
  • Accounting to you.   


  • Specialist tax advice, third party costs including Land Registry and other fees for copy documents
  • Bank transfer costs
  • Defective title indemnity insurance premiums

*Additional charges will apply for:

  • Unregistered titles 
  • Leasehold transactions  
  • Help to Buy
  • Defective titles
  • Freeholds with management companies
  • Declarations of Trust
  • Transfers of Part * second charges

Why Us?

We have an experienced team who understand the stresses involved in selling property. Our approach is simple – we provide a first-class service from our expert team who make the difference by taking care of all the important legal details and removing any confusion and uncertainty from the process of selling a property.

Whether you are selling your property through an estate agent or privately, we will make everything as clear as possible. Our team are highly experienced and have the legal and technical “know how” to resolve any issues as they arise in a professional and efficient manner.