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Motoring Offences Pricing

Thank you for looking at our services for Motoring Offences. Any individual or company can find themselves being charged with an offence and the penalties can be serious, with potential outcomes including a fine, disqualification from driving and sometimes imprisonment.

If you have been notified that you are facing being charged with an offence such as speeding, driving carelessly, or under the influence of drink or drugs, you should take professional legal advice as soon as you can.

Why us

Michael Pace is a well known Motor Law solicitor who, as a one time police officer and driving and motorcycle instructor, has gained a reputation for his straightforward and candid advice, as well as being a respected advocate in the courts.

If you have been accused of any motoring offence then he can help from the start (typically when you receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution). Later when paperwork from the court has been served upon you, he is able to assist in managing how the case will be presented at court. This will include;

• Meeting with you to take instructions

• Considering the evidence

• Advising on plea and the likely sentence

• Considering whether there are any Special Reasons or Exceptional Hardship arguments

• Representing you at court

After the initial meeting and consideration of the case we usually offer a fixed fee for all the work including;

• Preparation of representations

• Advice to you of likely and possible outcomes in sentencing

• Travel to court - for courts away from Lincoln a mileage charge of £0.50 per mile plus vat in addition (which at 20% would be £0.10).

• Liaising with the prosecution and the court

• Representation at a single hearing  lasting no more than half a day

• Initial advice on appealing and where appropriate, service of Notice of Appeal

Until we are in a position to offer a fixed fee, work will be charged at an hourly rate of £250.00 plus vat (which at the current rate of 20% would be £300)

Fixed fees for a guilty plea and representations on sentencing, range from £750.00 to £1400.00 including vat (at the current rate of 20%) in the Lincoln Magistrates Court. For courts away from Lincoln additional charges will made for travel time and mileage (or train fare).

If the case requires preparation of an Exceptional  Hardship or Special Reasons, argument,  there will be an additional charge for the time spent based on the hourly rate.

For Not Guilty pleas, any fixed fee will depend on the nature of the offence and the basis of the plea. Fees will also take into account  likely time estimates for the hearing, eg half a day or one day or more.

A typical range of fees for a half day hearing is £1250.00 to £2500.00 inc vat (at the current rate of 20%). The price will be based on the amount of anticipated preparatory work, attendance on witnesses and any other party to take instructions as well as the time estimate for the hearing.


Once we offer a fixed fee, it is possible for factors outside of our control to increase the cost of the fees involved in your case. Where there is likely to be additional costs we will inform you as soon as we can with an estimate given for the additional costs.

Factors that may lead to an increase in costs include

• The need to instruct an expert witness

• Taking statements from any witnesses

• Cancellation of the hearing by the court before or on the day (either before setting off or on arrival at court) leading to a re-arrangement of the hearing date or extending to an afternoon hearing.

• Additional work to advise and assist on an Appeal

Time scales

We are not usually able to provide any timescale as to when a case may be heard as this will depend on the court fixtures list and the court listing on the day. We will endeavour to keep you informed of any issues around the listing of your case.

Key Milestones

These may vary according to individual circumstances. They may include the following;

• Meeting with you to take instructions

• Obtaining any prosecution disclosure and considering the same and providing advice

• Where additional work and cost has been agreed,  arranging to take witness statements

• Explain the court process so that you are fully aware of what to expect at the hearing

• Discussing sentencing options available to the court and advising on likely sentence

• Preparing representations

• Attending at court and meeting  with you ahead of the hearing time to go through any details. We allow a total of half a day for this.

• Discussing the outcome of the hearing and initial advice on the need for any appeal, or next steps and likely future additional costs.

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