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Licensing Solicitors

Many types of businesses and other organisation require specific licences and other types of permissions in place in order to operate legally. Failing to have the right licence or licences for your organisation can have very serious consequences, including the potential for fines, damage to your reputation and even the threat of having your business closed down.

Our business licensing solicitors can advise you on all aspects of business licensing law, including what types of licences and other permissions you need to operate legally, how to apply for the relevant licences, what to do if your application is rejected and how to resolve licensing disputes.

The team of licensing solicitors at Chattertons represent a wide range of businesses and other organisations throughout the UK. We have the expertise to help ensure your licence applications have the best chance of success, including identifying and recommending solutions to any potential issues.

We can also represent you at licensing application hearings where required, to enable to you to get the licences you need, even under adverse conditions. Our team can negotiate with all relevant parties prior to a hearing, allowing us to find compromises wherever possible to remove any obstacles to you securing the business licences you need.

Whatever type of business licence you need, we can help, so you can get your business established on a firm legal footing. We aim to make the process of getting a business licence as straightforward and stress-free as possible, allowing you to focus on running your business and making it a success.

Our business licence legal services

Our business licensing solicitors regularly work with a wide variety of organisations across a range of sectors. Our commercial licensing expertise includes:

  • Betting and Gaming Premises
  • Casinos and Gambling Premises
  • Clubs
  • Gun Licenses
  • Lotteries
  • National Public House Chains
  • Owner Managed Public Houses
  • Shoot Licenses
  • Temporary Event Licenses (Game Fairs, Open Air Concerts and Circus Events)

Chattertons also advise on appeals where licenses have been declined in respect of any of the above areas.

Clients often ask us...

What are the penalties for trading without the right licence?

The penalties for trading without the correct licence or other permissions will depend on the circumstances, but will typically include a fine, which can be substantial. You can also suffer serious damage to your business’s reputation and, in more serious cases, your business could end up being closed down.

What businesses do you need a licence for?

There are various different types of businesses and business activities for which you may need a licence, so it is always a good idea to consult an experienced business licensing solicitor when starting a new business or expanding your activities.

Common types of business licence you may require include a:

  • Premises licence
  • Personal licence
  • House in Multiple Occupation licence
  • Temporary events notice
  • Music licence for a theatrical production
  • Skip licence

You may also need to deal with:

  • Food premises approval
  • Machine Games duty

We can advise you on all licensable activities your business may be carrying out, helping to ensure you have all of the appropriate licences, approvals and permissions, and that all other related issues are accounted for to ensure you are operating in full compliance with the law.

How do you get a business licence?

The process for applying for licences and other permissions will depend on exactly what you are applying for.

We can advise you on the relevant process for your situation and make sure you are able to meet all of the criteria for a fast, smooth application process.

What is the Licensing Act 2003?

The Licensing Act 2003 covers licensing for premises in England and Wales that sell or supply alcohol, provide certain types of entertainment or offer late night refreshment. All of these activities can now be covered with a single ‘premises licence’ that can be issued by local authorities, including unitary authorities, district councils, Metropolitan boroughs and London boroughs.

The Act sets out three specific types of activities that are considered licensable and can be covered by a premises licence:

  • Sales or supply of alcohol
  • Providing late night entertainment
  • Providing regulated entertainment

Types of entertainment that are regulated by the Act are:

  • Live music
  • Recorded music
  • Plays
  • Films
  • Dance performances
  • Indoor sporting events
  • Boxing or wrestling (both outdoor and indoor)

Contact our business licensing solicitors

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