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Mortgage and Remortgage Solicitors

Much of our work involves dealing with mortgages in one form or another. Solicitors must be fully accredited by mortgage lenders to carry out the work on their behalf as well as for our clients. We are accredited under the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme and approved by all of the main mortgage lenders.

Buying with a mortgage

If you are buying a property and need a mortgage, you should submit your own mortgage application, but state that Chattertons will act as your solicitors. We will then receive instructions to act for the mortgage lender, and we will deal with all the necessary legal work. We will request your mortgage money in time to complete your purchase.

Selling with a mortgage

When you sell a property which is already subject to a mortgage, we will request a mortgage redemption statement from your mortgage lender. This will specify exactly how much money you will need to pay off the mortgage when the property is sold. We will check that you have sufficient funds, and provided that you do, we will pay off the mortgage, and send you the balance of the sale price as soon as the sale completes.

Equity release schemes

We regularly represent clients who are applying for an ‘equity release’ mortgage. We can also provide independent financial advice about equity release schemes through Chattertons Wealth Management.

If you are considering equity release, it is a legal requirement that you must have independent legal advice. When applying, you should explain that you would like Chattertons to advise you on the legal aspects of the transaction. The lender will then send the paperwork to us and we will check the terms and conditions carefully and make sure you understand everything.


We deal with all the legal aspects of a remortgage. We carry out all the required title checks and searches. All money transfers will be organised and controlled by us, and we attend to the resulting Land Registry formalities.

Contact us

We can help you with mortgages, remortgages and equity release schemes. For further information, please contact one of our specialists in the Conveyancing Team at your local office or complete our online enquiry form.