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Whistleblowing Solicitors

Whistle-blowers are employees who disclose information to their employer or another authority about misbehaviour or wrongdoing within the employer’s business. This could be a criminal act, a breach of health and safety or some other breach of the law.

Whistle-blowers have protection against being subjected to a detriment by their employer or from colleagues. If an employee is sacked because they are a whistle-blower, the dismissal will be automatically unfair. There is no qualifying period of employment to bring a claim nor is there any cap on the amount of compensation that can be recovered.

Paying for a solicitor

The general rule in an employment tribunal is that each side pays their own legal fees regardless of whether they win or lose.

If you are worried about legal fees, talk things through with us using our free no-obligation callback facility.

You may already have insurance cover for legal costs. This is often tagged on to home insurance. If you do not have insurance cover, we may be willing to represent you on "no win, no fee" basis.

Examples of cases we have been involved in

  • Mr and Mrs A were managers of a pub. When they fell out with the brewery, the couple were subjected to unfair performance procedures and eventually sacked. Total compensation: £50,000
  • Mr B was sacked from his position as a manager of a retail outlet when he refused to give information to his employer about his personal affairs. Total compensation: £32,250
  • Mrs C, a disabled school teacher, was sacked from her school for allegedly not being able to restrain pupils because of her disability. Total compensation £120,000
  • Mr D was sacked after he failed to turn up for a shift. There had been some confusion about his shift patterns which led to his employer concluding that he had been deliberately absent from work. Total compensation £21,000
  • Ms E was sexually harassed by her employer. The employer made suggestive and crude comments, eventually forcing her out of her job. Total compensation: £15,000
  • Ms F was sacked from her job when she made the decision to re-assign her gender. This was a case that attracted considerable media interest at a national level. Total compensation: undisclosed

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