Tehane  Willoughby

Tehane Willoughby

Credit Controller

Before joining Chattertons, Tehane worked for various businesses gaining invaluable commercial experience.

In January 2013, she joined the firm as Credit Control Manager, responsible for ensuring the prompt payment of the firm’s own accounts.

During this time her role has evolved and she now offers services to clients on both an individual and commercial basis, assisting with the recovery of their own outstanding accounts.

Whether an individual or a business, nobody wishes to write off an account for services or work provided to another party, but many still believe that instructing a Solicitor to recover their account will cost more than the amount to be recovered.

This is mainly because debts of £10,000 or less are considered by the court to be ‘small claims’ and the rules state the claimant is unable to recover their own legal costs from the debtor, should they win save for a small fixed amount.

Tehane can offer a service on a fixed fee basis whereby she will issue a letter to your debtor which is compliant with the Pre-Action Protocol for debt.  The letter sets out the sum outstanding, the financial consequences of not paying the debt and how payment can be made.

Sometimes a Solicitor’s letter is all the debtor needs to be persuaded to pay.

If not, having issued the above letter and allowed the debtor time in which to reply, she can continue to work on a fixed fee basis, so clients are fully aware of the costs involved before pursuing the matter further.

Her clients include many local businesses and even another legal firm.  Now that is a good endorsement.

Should you have any accounts outstanding and wish to discuss the options available to you, please do not hesitate to contact Tehane Willoughby.