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"I thought we were dealing with this amicably..." - How amicability can be used as a stick in divorce financial matters

  • Posted

Something is going on I am being inundated with the following new client enquiry. Client : Hello, I'd like some information please about financial orders and clean breaks. Solicitor : What is the situation? Client : We have separated and...

Melania Trump renegotiates her pre-nuptial agreement... should you?

  • Posted

Vanity Fair recently reported that Melania Trump has renegotiated her pre-nuptial agreement (we'll call them pre-nups) with Donald Trump as a result of his various legal woes. Her actions should be seen as a timely reminder that pre-nups need to be...

Will the divorce court treat a successful business owner's contributions as special?

  • Posted

Special Contributions Divorcing business owners often, and quite naturally, want their greater financial contribution to the family pot to be taken into account when it comes to sharing matrimonial capital. It can be very difficult...

How to get divorced in a recession

  • Posted

Many people will be wondering what a recession will mean for their future plans. Some will be reconsidering whether to move house or extend their home. Others will be debating whether to go ahead with that expensive holiday next year or upgrade the...

How to get a Divorce with the new rules

  • Posted

The Law governing how to get a divorce changes on 6 April 2022. The rules have been changed to avoid conflict and simplify the divorce process. The headline change is that all you have to do to qualify for a divorce is to tick a box on the...