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EU Brexit: What it could mean for Free Movement

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For those EU Citizens currently residing in the UK, along with their families, the EU Referendum on Thursday 23 June 2016 is set to open up a lot of questions about their Immigration status in the UK and their ability to remain and work.

At this stage, it is not clear exactly what the implications of leaving the EU would be for immigration, as much would still need to be negotiated, but those who are currently in the UK enjoying EU treaty rights will need to be prepared for possible changes.

Any EU citizens who do not currently have Permanent Residence in the UK are likely to be effected most by any changes that take place, as an EU exit strategy may preclude them from obtaining Permanent Residence in future and may further curtail the length of time that they can remain in the UK without a valid visa in place. This will have a similar knock-on effect on any non-working EU family members or non-EU family members that have joined them here in the UK.

Those who have obtained Indefinite Leave to Remain or Permanent Residence in the UK may also want to consider applying for British Citizenship to protect themselves further. In the event that the UK undergoes an immigration law reform following the Referendum, we could see a shift in the rights that attach to the different types of immigration status, or even a change in Citizenship eligibility which could make it harder for those enjoying treaty rights to regularise their status in the UK.

Our Immigration Team can help advise you on your current immigration status and work with you to plan your strategy for remaining in the UK. For further information or advice please contact Louis Harman at our Lincoln Office on 01522 541181 or