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With the deadline for GDPR implementation looming ever closer (25 May 2018), you cannot wait for a New Year’s resolution before you look into how this will affect you and your business (or your charity, or your institution). If you have looked around, you will know that the information you need is out there, and we mean a lot of information! So where do you start?

Do you start with your privacy policy, or perhaps with your consent procedures? Do you look into what data you hold? For what purposes? For how long and how you process it?

How about what each of your employees does in relation to customer data? And what if you have sensitive personal data or some of your customers are minors? How about a clear desk policy or a review of your data processing arrangements...?

So many questions, so little time!

A few organisations have the luxury of employing someone full time to ensure GDPR compliance and yet the clock is ticking.

Our suggestion is to do a personal data audit, ask for help from a specialist who can come into your setting and help you negotiate all the issues stemming from the new Data Protection rules.

We offer both a comprehensive data audit designed to produce a clear action list which will help you navigate the maze of legal requirements and practical implications of GDPR and /or advice on specific targeted questions.

If you would like any further information about this please contact the Chattertons team at your nearest office.