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Are your social media policies up to date?

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Does your business have an up to date email and social media policy? Have you been relying on the same policy for many years? As social media use is on the rise and thousands of emails are exchanged everyday, it may be time to ensure your policy is modern day friendly.

Whether it is protecting your business and employees from damaging or upsetting comments on social networking sites or people using their emails for flirtatious exchanges, there are many reasons why a social media and email policy is important. A previous case saw two young lovers inadvertently send a series of explicit emails to other colleagues in the firm, although the company were understanding the couple still resigned out of embarrassment.

To avoid situations such as this it is best to be clear on how and when your employees can use email and social media accounts.

If you would like any assistance in amending or creating a policy please contact a member of our Employment Law team.