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Chattertons sponsors Red Priest concert

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Red Priest

Following on from a series of successful sponsored concerts 'Music in Quiet Places' that have taken place throughout the Summer in South Kesteven, Chattertons is pleased to confirm sponsorship of the Red Priest concert on Thursday 22nd September which forms part of the Gravity Fields Festival.

Although solely remembered today for his contribution to physics, Isaac Newton was first and foremost an alchemist, with a lifelong fascination for the arcane mysteries of life.  Although he considered music in general to be "ingenious nonsense" (on hearing Handel perform, for example, he was impressed only by the elasticity of his fingers!) he proposed a theory linking the seven notes of the musical scale with the seven colours that make up white light - a theory which fascinated Telemann amongst others.

Red Priest presents its own blend of musical alchemy, combining the music of Telemann and Handel with that of other leading composers of the era.  Bach, Biber, Vivaldi and Corelli all enter the melting pot as the members of Red Priest use their extraordinary virtuosity, energy and imagination - not to mention amazingly elastic fingers - to transform the 'base metal' of musical notation into the 'gold' of truly spellbinding performance!

Tickets for the Chattertons sponsored Red Priest concert can be purchased direct from the Gravity Fields Website by clicking the link.