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Do I need a solicitor for estate planning services? The answer is YES

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Have you been cold called about the planning of your estate? Do you need to create a Will but aren’t quite sure where to go or whether to see a solicitor? The answer is YES you do.

Concern is growing after a recent rise in cold callers claiming to protect their client’s assets without the input of a Solicitor has resulted in a Nottinghamshire firm being wound up by the UK Governments Insolvency service.

Goldstar Law began their business in July 2012 with an office in Newark. They planned to target customers by cold calling them claiming to specialise in estate protection. The company would then arrange to meet clients taking upfront payment on a promise of creating Wills, setting up Lasting Powers of Attorney and Trusts. Payments ranged from £95 to over £3000.

Customers expected to receive their documents within 3 to 8 weeks and many received nothing. The firm produced just five wills, 11 lasting powers of attorney and four 'estate preservation trusts' during their 2 years in business.

Clients across Chattertons have reported receiving such calls and our Wills, Trusts and Probate department are keen to assure people that seeing a solicitor is essential when it comes to protecting your estate.

Our specialists are here to help, for more information about our services or to contact a member of the team please visit the Wills, Trusts and Probate section of our site.