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COVID-19 - Residential Tenancies

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Residential Tenancies

As our day to day life changes, it is inevitable that people start to wonder where they stand, what is the advice, who do they approach for assistance. The information below is intended to assist Landlords and Tenants in the current situation:-

On the 18 March 2020 the Government announced that Landlords would not be able to apply to the Courts for a possession order to evict tenants for at least 3 months. This announcement covers Private Landlords, Housing Associations and the Local Authority.

It is suggested that any Notices which have been served will also be caught by the above.

The new law has yet to be passed and we await confirmation as to the detail.

The Courts at the moment remain open but you should refer to my earlier blog on the impact of the virus upon the Courts.

Mortgage Lenders have announced that they will consider a 3 month payment holiday for those struggling to meet their contractual monthly instalment. If you are struggling or worried about your situation then you should speak to your Lender as soon as possible to discuss options.

If you are struggling to meet your rent then you should speak with your Landlord as soon as possible. Your Landlord might be in a position to offer some flexibilities on your payments. If any new agreement is reached, ensure this is confirmed in writing, so as to avoid any disputes at a later date.

There is a process for Landlords to follow in order to obtain a possession order and thereafter eviction. This process cannot be avoided even in current circumstances. If the process is not followed the Landlord could be committing a criminal offence and it is likely to result in substantial damages.

Chattertons have specialist Housing advisors and you should not hesitate to contact one of the team below for further advice and guidance:-

Nigel Bescoby   l  Chartered Legal Executive  l  01522 781474 l

Annette Wood   l  Solicitor  l  01522 781476  l

Andrew Morley  l  Chartered Legal Executive  l  01522 551154 l

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This Blog is written to raise awareness of these issues. While every effort has been made to ensure that it is correct at the time of first publication it may not be updated, even if the law changes. It is not intended to be specific legal advice and cannot be relied on as such. Chattertons are not responsible or liable for any action taken or not taken as a result of this Blog.