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Election Manifesto Review: Labour party

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The Labour party has published it 2019 Election Manifesto. The employment-related pledges in the document include:

  1. A Nation Living Wage of at least £10 for all workers ( including those under 21)
  2. The creation of a "Ministry of Employment Rights" , to ensure that workers  are represented at cabinet level in a Labour Government
  3. A ban on zero hours contracts
  4. An increase in the time period for Statutory Maternity Pay from 39 weeks to a full year.
  5. Changes to Trade Union legislation
  6. Paid leave for survivors of domestic  abuse
  7. Introduce BAME pay gap reporting obligation and increase the scope of the gender pay gap reporting obligation
  8. Introducing sector wide collective wage bargaining
  9. Making all employment rights "Day 1" rights
  10. Extra protection for pregnant, menopausal and whistleblowing employees
  11. Keeping the Employment Tribunal system free.