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New Rates of NLW And NMW Set To Rise From 01 April 2019

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The new National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage is set to increase from 01 April 2019 onwards.

This new rate will apply to the next pay period that begins on or after the date a rate increase begins or an employee reaches a new age bracket.  For example, if an employee is usually paid on the 28th of each month then they will receive the new rate of minimum wage from 29th April 2019.  If an employee is already earning over the National Minimum Wage there an employer is under no legal obligation to increase their pay when the National Minimum Wage increases.

Employee Group

Current Rates of National Minimum Wage (per hour)

New Rates of National Minimum Wage from 01 April 2019


Age 25 or over




Ages 21 to 24




Ages 18 to 20




School leaving age to 17









It is against the law for an employer not to pay their workers the National Minimum or National Living Wage.  However there are a number of exceptions of people who are not entitled to the National Minimum or National Living Wage, this includes:

•    People who are self-employer
•    Volunteers or voluntary workers
•    Company Directors
•    Members of the Armed Forces
•    Work Experience Students, depending on the length of their placement.

If you are looking for advice on the new rates of NWM and NLW or in relation to any other employment matter please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Employment Law Team.