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Slow progress at the Employment Tribunals

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Slow progress at the Employment Tribunals

The Employment Tribunal system (in which the large majority of employment-related claims are heard) is still struggling to handle the increased volume of claims that have been issued since the abolition of fees back in July 2017. Claims numbers have gone up every quarter since July 2017 and in the last quarter reported on (April- June) 9,700 individual and 19,000 multiple claims were issued.

This means that the average time for an individual complaint to be resolved (through a ACAS conciliated agreement, the claimant withdrawing their claim or after a Hearing) is increasing  and now stands at over 33 weeks (nearly 8 months), longer for more complex claims. If you are part of a multiple claim, then the average time is 140 weeks (nearly 3 years!)

Both Claimants and Respondents should take this into account when considering whether and how to bring or defend claims in the Employment Tribunal as the passage of time can affect the evidence in front of the tribunal; as well as the stress of having ongoing proceedings hanging over you for months (years) on end.

Detailed tactical advice should always be sought about how the delays in the tribunal process may effect your case.