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Summer holidays approaching... Permission to take children abroad?

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The summer holidays are almost upon us, and many parents consult us in relation to what they can or cannot do in relation to taking their children on holiday.

If there is no Order in place the consent of all those with parental responsibility is required before a child is taken out of the UK, no matter how short the trip may be.

If there is a Child Arrangements Order (formerly Residence Order) in place the position is different.  If there is a Child Arrangements order making provision that the child lives with either or both parents, or if a Special Guardianship Order is in force, the person in whose favour the order is made may remove the child from the UK for up to one month in the case of a Child Arrangements Order and three months in the case of a Special Guardianship Order.  In these cases there is no need to obtain the consent of any other person with Parental Responsibility or permission of the Court.