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5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Local Conveyancing Solicitor

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The New Year is often the time of year when people not only make the inevitable resolutions to re-join the gym or cut back on the wine but also make more serious life-impacting decisions such as moving house.

So, once you’ve made that decision your thoughts will inevitably turn at some point to who is the best person to deal with your property conveyancing.

At a time when many of us use the internet for so many aspects of our lives – from organising our personal banking to ordering our Friday night takeaway – it might seem obvious to use one of the many internet based conveyancing firms that have emerged over the last 10 years or so.

Such companies often offer seemingly cheaper services than local solicitors but do they necessarily offer an efficient and personalised service that is going to give you peace of mind?  For most of us, our home will always be our most significant asset and the buying and selling of our home our most important financial transaction and biggest financial commitment.  So it is vital for you to ensure that the conveyancing is dealt with by someone you know and trust and who can help you through the often convoluted and complex process of selling and buying property.

Here are 5 important factors for you to consider before you instruct your conveyancer.

1.  You pay for what you get.

Online Conveyancers will often offer apparently cheaper fees for their services.  They can usually do this because they use inexperienced and unqualified staff to deal with the work, expect their staff to deal with a very large caseload and will only provide a non-personalised service.  When obtaining a quote from such companies you need to be aware that you may end up paying substantially more as additional fees are often added later on.

Local solicitors on the other hand will give you a comprehensive fee quote at the outset and will ordinarily stick to it even if the matter takes longer than anticipated.  You can then budget the cost of your move with far more confidence.

2.  Experience counts.

As mentioned above, online firms can often offer apparently cheaper fees because they use unqualified and inexperienced staff.

Here at Chattertons your Conveyancing will always be dealt with by a qualified practitioner with not only significant legal and technical knowledge but also valuable local knowledge.

Many people assume that the Conveyancing process is straightforward.  This is far from the case and difficulties will often arise as matters progress.  When they do, you need an experienced expert to efficiently and effectively deal with those situations.

3.  Putting you first.

Many of our online competitors are required to pay referral fees to third parties.  These referral fees are often passed on to their clients and the online conveyancers will need to comply with the demands of the third party referral companies.

Chattertons pay no referral fees which means that we are always able to put your best interests front and centre.

4.  A personalised service to suit your needs.

For many people, especially first time buyers, the business of buying a house can be bewildering.

Whilst many questions can be raised with Conveyancers by telephone or email, in many cases it is far easier to deal with these face-to-face.

It is important that you feel confident when selling or buying property and your local solicitor is there to ensure that any questions or concerns you might have can be easily raised and dealt with to provide the reassurance and peace of mind clients need.

5.  Providing a joined-up service.

Online Conveyancing companies will often deal only with residential property matters.

We often find during the course of a property transaction that clients require additional advice beyond that of residential property, for example on the implications of joint ownership of property or where there is a commercial element to the transaction.

At Chattertons we offer all of our clients access to a full range of legal services and therefore when such additional issues arise we can offer swift and comprehensive in-house solutions.  Not only that but here at Chattertons we have a dedicated and well respected team that can offer financial advice.


If you are thinking about moving house in 2019 and you are looking for a high quality conveyancing service that will give you peace of mind then please speak to one of our Conveyancing experts based at a local office near to you.

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