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Lots of motorists have been left wondering how they managed to get caught speeding whilst going through the road works on the A1 to the west of Grantham, after receiving a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) from Lincolnshire Police.

Michael Pace solicitor and motor law specialist at Chattertons Solicitors, based at their Lincoln office has been surprised by the number of people who have contacted him. Many complaining that they did not see any signs and, on going back for a look are very unhappy with what they found.

There appear to be more people being caught travelling in the north bound direction than going south, which must lead to questions as to why.

Most of Michael's clients are regular users of this stretch of the A1. There is no obvious reason for them to have broken the speed limit, save that there may be a problem with the signage.

There have also been questions raised as to whether the Notice of Intended Prosecutions (NIP) was served within the 14 day time limit set by law. This is a strict law which states that if the NIP is not served on the registered keeper within the time limit, then a prosecution cannot succeed.

Another question arises out of how the location is described in the NIP by the police, which again may mean that the speeding offence is not going to succeed.

Motorists must be careful though, because even if the NIP is defective through date of service of for some other reason, the recipient must still complete the form on the back and return it to the police failing which a separate offence in breach of s.172 of the Road Traffic Act is committed exposing the offender to 6 points and a fine.

If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of the NIP, send it to Michael at for him to check free of charge.