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Unfair Dismissal Solicitors in Lincoln

Losing your job is never easy, but when you feel like you have been unfairly dismissed, it can be really confusing, upsetting and frustrating. It can also have a seriously negative impact on your career, making it harder to find a new job and move on with a dismissal hanging over your head.

If you believe you have been unfairly dismissed by your employer, you may  have the right to challenge the dismissal. With the right legal advice and representation, it may be possible to secure compensation and potentially get your job back (if this is something you want).

At Chattertons, we know how daunting it can be to take action against an employer, especially where there is the prospect of having to go to an employment tribunal. Our team are here to give you clear guidance on your employment rights and make the process of bringing an unfair dismissal claim as easy as possible for you.

Our Lincoln Employment Law team have many years of experience supporting employees of all levels in making unfair dismissal claims. In many cases, we can secure a positive outcome quickly without the need for employment tribunal proceedings. However, where an employment tribunal is required, we can give you the robust representation and friendly personal support you need for every stage of the process.

Having regularly secured tens of thousands of pounds in compensation for clients who have been unfairly dismissed, our specialist employment solicitors have the tried and tested expertise you need to get you the outcome you deserve.

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How our employment lawyers can help you with unfair dismissal in Lincoln

Clear advice on your employment rights

Talk to us and we can quickly assess your situation and advise you on whether your dismissal is likely to be considered unfair by an employment tribunal. We can then talk you through your options for challenging your dismissal and give an indication of how much compensation you may be entitled to.

Contacting your employer

Where we believe you have grounds for an unfair dismissal claim, we will contact your employer for you, setting out the reasons why we believe your dismissal was unfair and the outcome you are seeking to resolve the matter. In many cases, a well-drafted solicitor’s letter is all that is needed to secure an early resolution for unfair dismissal.

Settlement agreements

It is possible that your employer may offer a settlement agreement to resolve your claim. This will involve you signing a legally binding document where you will agree not to pursue your claim further, normally in exchange for a one-off payment of compensation. Our employment lawyers can review any settlement agreement you are offered to make sure the terms are fair and negotiate an enhanced settlement where we feel this is appropriate.

ACAS early conciliation

Before taking a claim to an employment tribunal, you will normally need to consider ACAS early conciliation. This involves a conciliation specialist from the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) acting as an intermediary between you and your employer to see if an amicable solution can be agreed. We can guide you through the whole ACAS early conciliation process, giving you the best chance of a fair outcome as quickly as possible.

Making an employment tribunal claim for unfair dismissal

Where it is necessary to make an employment tribunal claim, we can offer strong experience in handling Employment Tribunal proceedings and appeals. Our employment tribunal solicitors can provide robust arguments, skilled judgment and lateral thinking, making sure your case is prepared and presented the right way to achieve the best available outcome.

Our unfair dismissal employment advice fees

We want our employment law pricing to be fair and transparent, so we will always be happy to discuss the likely costs involved up front.

For some matters, we may be able to provide fixed cost advice, while for other matters we may charge according to an agreed hourly rate based on the level of expertise required.

For advice on a settlement agreement, your employer will normally pay for you to have independent legal advice as this is one of the conditions for a valid settlement agreement.

Find out more about our employment tribunal fees for employees.

Why Chattertons is the right choice for unfair dismissal advice

At Chattertons, we have many years of experience advising employees of all levels on a range of matters, including unfair dismissal.

The firm has been recognised by leading client guide the Legal 500 for our employment law expertise, being ranked Tier 4. This marks Chattertons out as one of the leading firms in the region specialising in employment law.

Chattertons Partner and Head of Employment Law Danielle Lister is a member of the Employment Lawyers Association (ELA) and has been repeatedly cited in the Legal 500 for the quality of her employment law work. Grant Shackleston and Natasha Halliday are the other senior members of the team, having between them an enormous wealth of experience in employment cases too.

We pride ourselves on offering an exceptional service for every client and will ensure your questions are answered in plain English, so you are clear about exactly what your legal rights are and your options for taking action.

Our goal is to make getting the right outcome for unfair dismissal as swift, simple and stress-free as we can, helping you to get your career back on track.

Clients often ask us…

Am I eligible to make a claim for unfair dismissal?

There are three things we will need to establish to know whether you may be able to claim for unfair dismissal:

  • Your employment status at the time you were dismissed
  • How long you worked for your employer before your dismissal (you will usually need to have worked there for at least 2 years)
  • Whether the reason for your dismissal is considered unfair e.g. where it is due to a ‘protected characteristic’ as defined by the Equality Act 2010, because you were pregnant or where you took action about a health and safety issue

Our unfair dismissal solicitors in Lincoln will be happy to advise you on whether you are eligible to make a claim.

Is there a time limit to make an unfair dismissal claim?

You must start a claim within 3 months less one day of your employment being terminated. These time limits are very strict and extensions are rarely given. However, if you opt to use ACAS early conciliation, you will have at least 1 month from the end of the early conciliation process to bring a claim if you still wish to do so.

Will I get my job back if I win a claim for unfair dismissal?

Potentially, if this is what you want although this is unusual. When making a claim to an employment tribunal, you can ask for a reinstatement order (where you get your old job back) or a re-engagement order (where you are given a different job by the same employer) in addition to compensation.

If a reinstatement or re-engagement order is made, your ex-employer does not have to re-employ you, but if they do not, you can be given an additional compensation award of up to a year’s salary.

How much compensation can I get for unfair dismissal?

This will depend on the circumstances as compensation for unfair dismissal is based on your lost earnings.

If you are found to have been unfairly dismissed, you may be entitled to a basic award equivalent to statutory redundancy pay based on your age and length of service (you will normally only be able to claim a basic award if have at least one year of continuous employment with your ex-employer). You will also be entitled to compensation for your loss of earnings.

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For clear, practical help dealing with unfair dismissal in Lincoln or the surrounding area, you can contact our local employment lawyers in Lincoln.

To ask a question or request a call back at a time that suits you, please use our simple enquiry form and a member of our team will get back to you quickly.