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Silver Splitters Separation Stats Soaring

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Recent divorce statistics provided by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows rates for divorcing couples in aged 60 and above have significantly increased since the 1990s. In fact, according to the ONS, for people aged 60 and...

Pre-Nups - Definitely Maybe?

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Family Law Solicitors Nick Robertshaw reflects on a well prepared pre-nuptial agreement. Celebrity divorces are not often out of the news, but two recent cases caught my eye, not only because of who was involved, but also because they seemed to highlight...

Landmark divorce ruling could trigger increase in financial claims

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Were all financial matters resolved when you divorced? In a recent landmark ruling a woman whose marriage broke down more than 30 years ago has won the right to the seek payments from her ex-husband. The case highlights the importance of obtaining a...

Living with a partner

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Many people think that if you live with a partner for a couple of years you acquire the same rights as married couples. In fact, unmarried couples have hardly any automatic rights at all. A  Living Together or Cohabitation Agreement  can be used...

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