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How good is your will writing professional?

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Consider the last time you instructed someone to prepare a will for you.  If it went something like this:

  • They  asked you what you wanted to put in your will
  • You told them what you wanted
  • They produced a document accordingly.

You did not receive a professionally drawn will.

A professional experience should go something like this:

  • You met with an appropriately qualified and regulated specialist, who had the relevant experience to advise, with the protection of relevant indemnity insurance.
  • They asked you detailed information about your financial and family arrangements.
  • They asked you what arrangements you had in mind (and why).
  • They explained the options available, discussed the pros and cons of each and considered the tax consequences as appropriate.
  • They advised you against a course of action if they thought it unduly complex, unnecessary or inappropriate.
  • They recommended you take extra time to consider if needed and did not pressure you to make a decision.
  • If the simplest option was the most appropriate, they said so.
  • They advised what was in your best interests and asked to see you without beneficiaries present.
  • They provided a draft will with guidance as to what the clauses meant for you to review.
  • They offered to meet with you to sign with will to ensure it was correctly signed.

Although you will not see the benefits yourself, your Will is one of the most important documents you will make in your lifetime to provide for, and protect, those who mean the most to you.  If your last experience reflected the first scenario then I would highly recommend you consider your choice of advisor for your next review.

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