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HR Support Service For Employers

At Chattertons, our Employment Law & HR Support retainer offers complete access to our expert Employment Law & HR support team at a fixed cost. This service is particularly well-suited for organisations that require consistent and specialised employment law guidance.

Regardless of the size of a business’ HR department, or in the absence of one, we are able to provide assistance to address daily challenges, including tasks like creating documents and letters, formulating company policies, handling contracts and handbooks, managing ongoing employee absences, and providing guidance on internal procedures and future planning. Even for companies with established HR personnel, we're here to lend support when more intricate issues arise intermittently.

Through an annual retainer, we're readily available to address your needs as they emerge, offering dependable and cost-effective support you can count on.


  • Expert Employment Law Advice: Gain access to expert legal guidance from our employment law specialists.
  • Comprehensive HR Guidance: Receive advice on various day-to-day HR concerns, such as matters related to discipline and grievances. We also offer reviews of contracts and handbooks.
  • Tailored Training Solutions: Benefit from training sessions tailored to your specific needs, crafted to bolster your business operations.
  • Resourceful HR Document Repository: Access our HR document repository, housing essential policies and procedures.
  • Informative Seminars: Participate in our seminars aimed at understanding intricate shifts in employment law, ensuring your team stays well-informed.
  • Timely Employment Law Updates: Stay updated with our regular newsletter, featuring the latest employment law developments and practical insights.
  • Flexible Billing Options: Choose from fixed-fee billing alternatives, available on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

C3 - Chattertons Complete Care

Our annual retainer includes the option to obtain C3 Employment Protection Insurance, which helps businesses manage the risk and exposure of unwanted legal fees when faced with a claim, as well as covering tribunal awards or settlements of Tribunal claims.

As every business is unique we provide a bespoke, fixed cost package of our C3 insurance product. Unlike other insurance products cover is not conditional upon you having followed our prescriptive advice. As such an employer can choose a higher risk strategy with the security that insurance cover is in place.

Benefits of C3 include:

  • Entirely bespoke package designed around your business
  • Serviced by our expert team of lawyers
  • Competitive insurance premiums
  • An option to increase the level of protection to ‘absolute’ for complete protection for your business
  • An option to take a fixed fee advisory service providing competitive rates and allowing your business certainty when budgeting
  • Easy to access and flexible provisions.


We offer a specialist legal team, including a dedicated key contact, who is able to act as your legal support, guiding you through the legal process with tailored solutions which work for you.


Our team of specialised employment law solicitors have years of experience and a wealth of expertise in this field. Our team is regularly employed by business proprietors and HR experts, offering support to organisations ranging from multinational PLCs to smaller enterprises. Our objective is to assist your company in making beneficial legal decisions when it comes to workplace matters, potentially avoiding issues such as Employment Tribunal proceedings.

Our HR support team work diligently to ensure that your company runs smoothly and help to mitigate any legal pitfalls that could occur, helping avoid legal issues in the long term. Our services are available to help you manage many aspects of employment law, including discrimination, absences, health and safety issues, disciplinary concerns, wage inquiries and more.

The UK Legal 500

Chattertons has been recognised in the Legal 500 and has a reputation as a Leading Firm for Employment in the East Midlands.

‘The practice has the ability to offer a full service facility at the same time as being able to clearly understand not only the content of any employment law request but as important to put this into the specific context of the mode of operation and industry specialism.’


Our Employment Law & HR support lawyers, play a crucial role in businesses by providing employment law guidance for a variety of HR-related activities. They have particular expertise in advising on the employment law implications across an extensive range of human resources tasks, including talent acquisition, recruitment, employee training, performance management, benefits administration, restructuring, absence management, compliance with employment laws and regulations, and handling employee relations.

By entrusting employment law support for these important HR functions to such firms, businesses can then streamline their operations, ensure legal compliance, and focus on their core activities, all while benefiting from professional expertise to effectively nurture and manage their workforce.


Upon acquiring a set quantity of hours for a year, our team will be able to establish a predetermined cost at an hourly rate. Following this, we will work with you to come to an agreement regarding the number of hours necessary.


Should you exhaust all the acquired hours before the 12-month period elapses, there is still an option to procure extra hours in sets of six, benefiting from a prearranged reduced rate.

Alternatively, if you opt for on-the-spot guidance, it will be charged at our standard hourly rate, yet firmly established at the retainer's commencement. For HR guidance and comprehensive training tailored to your enterprise, we recommend reaching out to our dedicated Employment Law team of experts.


Employment Law & HR support brings forward numerous advantages to an organisation. Our Employment Law & HR Support lawyers have deep knowledge of the employment law implications for all HR-related practices. Having their expertise on your side is sure to help with compliance and mitigating any potential legal problems. Our Employment Law & HR Support lawyers also provide an objective perspective, helping organisations to identify areas that require improvement whilst contributing their knowledge to potential solutions.  

Obtaining employment law and HR Support is always worth doing, as our lawyers provide a unique perspective, have a wealth of knowledge, help improve talent acquisition and streamline certain processes.


Companies use Employment Law & HR Support for several reasons, including increased employment law risks caused by the increasingly complex nature of HR, or because their company is growing and expanding. Other reasons may include the company's involvement in mergers and acquisitions.

Also, as companies grow, their HR requirements often become even more complex and time-consuming. External Employment Law & HR support allows for your company to focus on their core competencies and strategic goals while leaving more complex HR support in the hands of experienced professionals. Our Employment Law & HR support team can support recruitment, performance management, restructuring, employee relations, training and development and more, which in turn frees up internal resources required for other critical business operations.

No matter the reason, our Employment Law & HR Support retainers are available to support your company in whatever its goals and objectives are and help you to shape a positive and healthy workforce, whilst ensuring legal compliance.


To get in contact with one of our expert team, you can call us on 01636 558343 or email us at where we will be happy to address all of your HR-related needs. Alternatively, you can use our contact form and a member of our staff will be in contact shortly.

You can also download our HR Support brochure for additional information.