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Family Law Solicitors in Sleaford

Legal issues concerning your family can be extremely difficult to navigate, with many emotional and practical challenges to face. Where you need support to resolve your family legal issues, our family law solicitors in Sleaford can help.

Our highly experienced solicitors are both sympathetic and practical, ensuring that you feel as comfortable as possible when going through any type of legal process. Our aim is always to make your personal family matters as straightforward to deal with as we can.

When providing family law advice, we ensure to take a personalised approach. Our team will make certain that our support matches your situation and goals. We can provide support with all areas of family law, including divorce and related financial settlements civil partnership dissolution, as well as assistance to create cohabitation or pre-nuptial agreements.  We can also help you with the difficulties that sometimes arise between separating couples when trying to make arrangements for their children.

At Chattertons, we focus on alternative dispute resolution first, meaning that we attempt to keep family law matters out of court if possible.  We will refer to mediation if appropriate, and use our expertise to negotiate robustly but sensitively to resolve matters in the most cost effective and sensible way possible mediation.

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For help with any area of family law in Sleaford and across Lincolnshire, you can contact our Sleaford office by calling 01529 411500 or by filling in our simple online enquiry form.

Our family law services in Sleaford

Our family law solicitors’ expertise includes:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Arrangements for children
  • Financial settlements
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Pre and post-nuptial agreements
  • Civil partnerships and no fault dissolution
  • Domestic violence
  • Change of Name Deeds

Divorce and separation

Going through a divorce can be an emotionally draining experience, and the practical issues can be challenging to arrange. When you’re facing these difficult circumstances, having the support of legal experts can help you to ensure that everything is handled as smoothly as possible.

Our divorce and separation solicitors in Sleaford can support you through every stage of divorce or separation. We can help you with making or responding to a divorce application, moving through the necessary process, as well as dealing with the associated financial matters.

Arrangements for children

At Chattertons, we appreciate that making legal arrangements for children isn’t an easy task, particularly issues connected to divorce or separation.

Rest assured, our team will always remain sensitive, listening to your concerns, and helping you to find the best solution for your children. We can support parents to make child arrangements following a divorce or dissolution, determining where a child will live, how child contact will work, as well as financial matters related to your child.

If you have any questions regarding child arrangements, our child law solicitors would be more than happy to answer these.

Financial settlements

Reaching a financial settlement is often one of the most difficult practical areas of a divorce or separation. The key purpose of reaching a settlement is to achieve a fair divisionof assets between both parties. However, spouses often have a different view of what is fair in the situation.

Our divorce and financial settlement solicitors in Sleaford can help you to reach a financial settlement whilst protecting your interests.

Where possible we will attempt to help you reach a voluntary financial settlement, negotiating with your ex-spouse or by referring you to mediation. If it is not possible to reach an out of court settlement, we will guide you through the necessary court proceedings.

To discuss your needs today, contact our family solicitors in Sleaford.

Cohabitation Agreements

When unmarried couples live together, their financial assets and responsibilities become connected, and yet, if an unmarried couple breaks up, they do not have any automatic legal rights.

Without legal rights, untangling financial resources and responsibilities on separation can prove to be challenging. In order to gain protection, and avoid conflict, cohabitees are well advised to draft a cohabitation agreement.

These agreements are used to detail how financial responsibilities and asset ownership will work while the couple are living together, and in the event that they split up.

To learn more about cohabitation agreements, get in touch with our expert cohabitation agreement solicitors in Sleaford.

Pre and post-nuptial agreements

Creating a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement is a wise decision, helping married couples to establish how their finances and assets would be divided if they were unfortunately to divorce in the future.

Our family law solicitors in Sleaford can support you to draft a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement, or review an agreement drawn up by your partner, ensuring that your best interests are protected.

Civil partnership dissolution

Civil partnership dissolution can be an emotionally challenging time, and many people find themselves overwhelmed by the legal side of things.

Our expert solicitors at Chattertons have much experience supporting couples to dissolve their civil partnerships. We can support you with all related matters, from completing the dissolution application, to arranging your financial settlement.

To discuss how we could help you today, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert civil partnership dissolution solicitors in Sleaford.

Domestic violence

Suffering domestic violence is a traumatising and frightening experience, and while reaching out for help can be difficult, it is important to take that step.

Our family law solicitors understand how hard it can be to talk about these matters, and will always remain compassionate and respectful. There are a number of court orders that we can help you to access, ensuring your safety, as well as that of any children you may have.

To discuss your needs today, please get in touch with our domestic violence solicitors.

Change of Name Deeds

In the UK, a person may be known by a name that is different to the name on their birth certificate, without any need to legally change their name.

However, there are certain authorities that will not accept a name that is different to a person’s birth certificate, unless that individual has obtained a Change of Name Deed.

If you would like to obtain a Change of Name Deed, our expert solicitors at Chattertons can assist you to do so.

Our Sleaford solicitors’ family law expertise

Our family law solicitors have decades of experience helping families deal with a wide range of legal issues. No matter how complex your circumstances will be, we can provide you with the help that you need.

At Chattertons, our team are friendly, sensitive and professional, always putting your best interests first, and explaining the legal processes carefully, so that you feel at ease.

Chattertons can also offer the benefit of our Conveyancing Quality Scheme accredited Residential Property team, who can assist with any of the property issues often associated with family law matters, such as remortgaging and transfer of ownership following divorce and separation.

Our team includes a number of members of Resolution, an organisation committed to promoting a non-confrontational approach to family law.

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If you are going through a divorce, or need help with any other family law matter, our experts can assist you.

You can get in touch with our family law solicitors in Sleaford by calling 01529 411500 or filling in our simple online enquiry form.