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In England and Wales anybody can be known by any name that they wish without the need to formally change their name.

There are certain authorities, however, that will not accept a name other than that which appears on a person's birth certificate or marriage certificate unless there is a written Change of Name Deed in existence.

We can provide an adult Change of Name Deed at a fixed fee following receipt of some very basic information. The position in relation to children is slightly different in that any change of name for a child has to be agreed to by all persons who have Parental Responsibility for that child. In certain circumstances if one parent cannot be located or is not prepared to give their consent an application can be made to the court for permission to change the child's name.

Only with the consent of all parents with Parental Responsibility or the court's permission can a Change of Name deed for a child be entered into.   Our specialist team of family lawyers are able to advise you on the procedure for changing a child's name either by agreement or by application to the court and the likely prospects of success if the change of name is not agreed.


Our family lawyers offer initial appointments on a Fixed Fee basis, to provide you with an opportunity to set out your history and current circumstances to a qualified person who will then provide you with initial advice tailored to your situation. After your initial meeting, we can provide a more detailed estimate of your potential costs. We also keep you updated on costs throughout your matter and provide a schedule of costs each time we bill.

Please note Chattertons do not take on Legal Aid cases.

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