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Funding any type of litigation can be a problem. If you are seeking  justice for a Professional Negligence claim, you may be daunted by the fact the other party is likely to be insured and have deep pockets with which to defend any claim you bring. Traditional funding arrangements, where you simply pay for the costs as you go, can quickly cause cash flow issues.

Sometimes, your lawyers will be prepared to take on your case on a “No win No fee” basis but only after careful consideration of the merits of the claim and the prospects of success. This often means having to find funds to investigate the matter in more detail or obtain expert reports before a “No win No fee” arrangement can be offered.

Crowd funding has become popular in recent times in many areas and now there are the opportunities to potentially raise funds for your claim via this type of platform. This will have more appeal to court action that may affect many people who may have a similar claim. Crowd Justice is an example of this type of funding  platform where people seek help from others who pledge funds to cover legal costs. These funds can be used for example for Court fees (which can be up to £10,000 for claims in excess of £200,000), experts reports or premiums for After the Event insurance which supports a “No win No fee” arrangement.

This is a new and innovative way to potential fund cases that would simply not be bought through lack of money. Discuss all the options for funding with us and seek the justice that you deserve.