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Family Law Solicitors in Spalding

Family law matters can be complex and emotional, and heated disputes can sometimes arise. With the support of our family law solicitors, your family dispute can be swiftly resolved with the hope of avoiding unnecessary conflict.

At Chattertons, our team of family law solicitors in Spalding have years of combined experience helping clients navigate some of life’s hardest challenges. We recognise family disputes can cause widespread disruption to the lives of everyone involved.

When you choose to work with a member of the Chattertons team, you can be certain to receive compassionate and supportive advice and guidance. No matter your situation, whether straightforward or complex, you can be certain we will help to find the best short and long-term solutions for your needs.

Our team contain a number of proficient and highly experienced family law solicitors who will provide our clients with practical guidance throughout the entire process.

Should you need help with any area of family law in Spalding or the surrounding areas, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our family law team by calling 01775 725664 or requesting a callback.

Our family law services in Spalding

No matter the family law matter you are facing or the complexity of it, our solicitors are on hand to provide expert support

Our Spalding family law lawyers can provide expertise in matters including:

To find out more information on how the Chattertons team can support you through this difficult time, please get in touch with a member of the team.

Our expertise with family dispute resolution in Spalding

If you are experiencing a family law matter can often feel like a daunting situation with concerns that you will have to attend court proceedings, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

However, court litigation doesn’t have to be the only way to resolve such disputes. It is possible to approach these situations through other means, such as alternative dispute resolution. Approaching matters this way means that both parties involved can attempt to resolve any conflict, finding an amicable agreement and helping maintain a positive relationship where possible.

We can assist with a number of family dispute resolution services. We can help you find a non-contentious and successful approach to resolving your family law matter.

Family Mediation

Before proceeding with court litigation, the court will require families in dispute to consider alternative dispute resolution methods initially, such as mediation. The involved parties will attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meet (MIAM) to determine whether mediation is an approach that can be taken and each party’s view on it.  Our family lawyers have good connections with mediators, and can refer you to someone who can provide this service, if necessary.

If the disputing family wish to move forward with mediation meetings, they will meet with a neutral mediator to discuss the problem and find a solution both parties are satisfied with.

Mediation may take several sessions, and it is not legally binding. However, it does mean that family law matters can be resolved quickly and cheaply.

Court Litigation

Sometimes alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods are not appropriate to finding a solution for your matter, and instead going to court for a legally binding outcome may suit your needs and circumstances better.

Our solicitors, alongside the advice and guidance we can provide for alternative dispute resolution, can provide expert support where court proceedings are the only route to finding an outcome. We can assist you in drafting an agreement that is robust, suits your needs and leans towards your success, alongside gathering evidence to support your argument. Should you need representation in court, we canarrange this for you.

Why choose Chattertons for family law?

At Chattertons, we have decades of collective experience assisting clients of all backgrounds in Spalding and surrounding area. We will take the time to listen to your situation and the impact it has had on your life, and from this, we can provide clear, effective advice you can trust. Our family law solicitors in Spalding are well-acknowledged for their top-quality service to clients.

Chattertons can also offer the benefit of our Conveyancing Quality Scheme accredited Residential Property team, who can assist with any of the property issues often associated with family law matters, such as remortgaging and transfer of ownership following divorce and separation.

Our team includes several members of Resolution, an organisation dedicated to encouraging a non-confrontational approach to family law.

Contact our family law solicitors in Spalding

If you are experiencing a family law situation such as a divorce or separation, or need advice about arrangements for children, or any other type of family law matter in Spalding or the wider area, our team of specialists can help.

Get in touch with our family law solicitors in Spalding by calling 01775 725664 or requesting a call back from a member of the team.