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Boundary & Neighbour Dispute Solicitors

We all work hard to buy and maintain our homes. We all have neighbours and unfortunately disputes do arise that require expert advice and representation. Our Dispute Resolution solicitors have dealt with neighbour disputes for many years.

Know your rights

Many disputes can be resolved swiftly through open and honest communication.

In many cases, we can clarify queries or misunderstandings about boundaries and rights of way for example, before matters escalate. Most properties are registered at the Land Registry we can usually check key information online. If your property has not yet been registered, we can check your title deeds.

We are often able to agree a fixed fee to check title documents and for preliminary advice about your rights. Very often, this will help you to resolve matters yourself.


If our initial advice is not enough to resolve the dispute, we can help you to find a solution.

Wherever possible, we try resolve the issue rather than fuel a disagreement. Neighbour disputes can be stressful and upsetting. Furthermore, neighbour disputes usually have to be disclosed when you come to sell your home which can put potential buyers off.

Types of problems

We handle all kinds of neighbour disputes including:

  • Boundary disputes, trespass and adverse possession claims
  • Rights of way and obstructions
  • Rights of light
  • Restrictions on development or use of a property
  • Town and Country Planning issues
  • Shared driveways
  • Problems with high hedges (leylandi), root damage and overhanging trees
  • Noise nuisance, harassment and other types of anti-social behaviour

Don’t let matters get out of hand. Neighbour disputes can be hugely upsetting and affect the sale of your home in the future. Specialist advice at an early stage can prevent expensive disputes.

Contact us

If you would like to talk to one of our specialist dispute resolution solicitors, please contact your local office or complete our online enquiry form.